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My Next Month

Hidden deep within the tumultuous sea that is dental school life, after treading through seaweed, muck, critters, and the like, you get to an outwardly non-impressive clam that produces a dazzling pearl: summer. And while this pearl is majestic to … Continue reading

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What to do with Your Crowns

Today we get awards for everything. Run a race you get a medal… Participation. Fourth runner-up at the science fair.. here’s a medal for your accomplishment. Why is this? Well in part it’s to keep parents and kids happy and … Continue reading

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GoPro Visits the Mississippi Delta

When put through the ringer of dental school, give a group of guys a few days off in the delta with a GoPro and who knows what could happen. ¬†Well it happened earlier this year… And while everyone lived, it … Continue reading

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Memories Past and Future of OMAHA

Omaha, Nebraska boasts a population 420,000ish making it the nation’s 42nd largest city. Conversely it maintains an inviting, small-town feel. On the map, the Missouri River slithers through the center of the city and assisted pioneers with its discovery in … Continue reading

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Where’s the FUN in Youth Sports?

Growing up attempting to play nearly every sport and settling in on becoming an average high school baseball player, I love watching and playing all things sports… maybe too much at times. There’s nothing like working hard to achieve a … Continue reading

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World Cup 2014: Fans and Fourth-Years

Vuvuzelas buzzing. Body paint and body odor covering the masses. National anthems prompting crowds and neck hairs to arise in unison. This is it. Our chance to show the world that we’re “for real.” Adorned in the beloved red, white, … Continue reading

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