My Next Month

Hidden deep within the tumultuous sea that is dental school life, after treading through seaweed, muck, critters, and the like, you get to an outwardly non-impressive clam that produces a dazzling pearl: summer.

And while this pearl is majestic to say the least, there is but one. Yes, between the first and second year of dental school a normal summer break is allowed, like the good ol days, only to award you with your own patients when the time rolls around next year.

It goes without saying that this is a precious gift; one that should be taken advantage of and cherished to the fullest.

In an attempt to do that, I have chosen to take part in some adventures this summer.  While the first half has included trips with family and a plethora of brother’s baseball games, the next half will include Honduras then Africa.

I’ll be leaving for Honduras Friday and staying a little over a week with a group from Tupelo, MS, where I’ll be helping with a Dental clinic in Tegucigalpa, some construction, and whatever else arises.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras (Wikipedia)

Tegucigalpa, Honduras (Wikipedia)

The goal is to serve these people, show Christ’s love, which undoubtedly some of these people have never seen or heard, and hopefully see what potential dental missions can look like for the future… Lord willing I make it through dental school.

A brief 10 hours or so after returning from Honduras, I’ll be flying into Nairobi, Kenya, meeting two guys in Medical school and another guy to take part in quite an adventure.

We’ll be leap frogging down the continent towards Cape Town, South Africa over the next 3 weeks, or possibly longer if the opportunity presents itself… #yolo right?

I have obvious anxieties about an endeavor of this sort, but the hope is that the fellowship, experiences, and relationships, hopefully impacting eternity, will outweigh the frustrations and potential dangers that might be faced.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Among the stops will be a safari in Kenya, Zanzibar, Victoria falls, Cape Town, and the all-inclusive to be determined… one of my favorite destinations.

Hopefully, I will have some access to internet and be able to post some updates, stories, and pictures or whatever presents itself along the way.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or best yet some suggestions, I’d love to hear anything and everything you have to say.  Just comment below or you can email directly at

I ask for your prayers for safety, as well as courage in sharing the love and Good News of Jesus with the Honduran and potentially African people.

With that said, get out and make your own memories this summer.


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1 Response to My Next Month

  1. Jess Elyse says:

    Sounds like an awesome next month! I actually have friends in Tegucigalpa right now. My church from college, the youth group, is there and I have a friend living there for the summer working with the Good Shepherd’s Children’s Home! I’ve had several friends go there and they loved it. The Africa trip sounds amazing too. Pretty great way to spend a summer! Praying for safety travels and open doors.

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