Top Articles of 2014

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the calendar offers a nice, brief week to reflect and prepare the hopeless resolutions for the New Year.  With the boredom that has ensued this week, I have decided to look back at some of the top internet articles that I stumbled upon this past year. Without further ado..

Fair warning, this story has chapters.  Yup, chapters.  Not the shortest of reads, but I think worth your time.  Super enlightening read on Yasiel Puig’s journey against seemingly insurmountable odds from Cuba to baseball stardom in America, and the sacrifices and costs that the escape entailed.

Negrin lived with a family in a favela (or slum) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as the country tried to prepare its collective face for the World Cup. He offers a raw and uncensored look at the broken country, where soccer means freedom.

An in-depth look at one of the most skilled and complex players in the game of futbol, Luis Suarez.

Derek Jeter reflects on his career of greatness in a rare moment of openness with Tom Verducci.

While there are uncountable opinions on the recent struggles in our country every way you turn, Browne offers a unique perspective by going to Ferguson, Missouri, and relaying the scenes, largely unbiasedly, to the reader.

Arguably the most refreshing piece on Ferguson I saw, as Baucham offers his humble, honest, biblically grounded opinions on the situation.

An article for the naive college football fan in the south that thinks only rival teams pay players.  Godfrey talks to anonymous ‘bag men’ from various SEC schools to write eye-opening details and logistics of how money changes hands to get into the hands of prospective players.

A bat boy recalls his behind-the-scenes interactions from years ago with the great hitter to prove his humility and kindness.

LeBron opts not to have a “Decision 2.0,” and goes with a somewhat surprising first-person article landed by Sports Illustrated to announce his “homecoming” to Cleveland.


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